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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Digital Art and Painting Mastery

Painting Value

When it comes to digital artwork one name that pops into my head as inspiring to watch is Xia Taptara.
Through this video and many others, Xia paints in value,  then lays in color and details afterward to create beautifully rich and deep artworks primarily within Adobe Photoshop.
His work may seem a little unfinished at first glance when compared to some other master digital works like those of Massive Black.

I find Xia works posted online to be overflowing with energy and motion. The use of line, brushes and color to convey a message is very striking. Some of the work on which he spends more time, is obviously more detailed. I find myself always clicking back to his quick sketches over and over again and just finding myself inspired by the energy in the lines.

Xia is a practiced professional artist, who reveals much more than most artists do during his speed painting videos. Many artists use the speed paintings as a vehicle for self congratulation, and a "look how great I am" sort of tool. Xia's narration through the videos is very clear and to the point about what he is doing.

His website and blog carry literally hundreds of videos from the very basic to the more advanced. Worth a look.

I find myself struggling with how does someone take fine art from a place like this (Adobe Photoshop) and land it in a gallery?
There is always the obvious print out sort of technique, but something comes up lacking in that I believe. I think I am coming to a workable solution of how to display digital works effectively.... I need to improve my own skills and find someone with an appropriate space to display.

Time to get back to work. I would advise any and everyone to take a stroll through Xia's website and become inspired in your own works. His advise and wisdom is sound, and his work amazing!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spreading the Art

Headline - Portland Maine
 This is truly going to be the Summer of art. not just for myself but a number of friends and colleagues. I am hearing quite a buzz floating around about the upcoming tourist season and art walks that can make or break a "Starving Artist".

This Summer I am making myself available to do guerrilla art show events. So if anyone has a connection to an empty space in or around Portland. I need to know about it.

The plan is to do weekend shows (usually 2 days) with all sorts of buzz and promotions. We grab the space, go in, prep it, fix it up enough to have a presentation. Do the show, make the sales, clean up and get out. I have been in touch with some folks who create music, and do performance pieces to make the event fully immersible art.

The ad is running in the movie theater but I really need everyone and anyone to spread the word, and keep an ear to the ground for a space..... just a place to show the work, hopefully sell a little.

Lets make it happen! Email me for details if you have a lead.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Art and promotions

    I have been whirling around in my head just recently ways that artists and creative business people promote themselves. I keep hearing the words Moo Cards.
I am sure moo is a great company, with many advantages and attractive features. I am not here to bash the moo quality or product at all.

It DOES seem to me however, that a connection to a good print house should be pretty high on a creative professionals list of "things to do".
   I have a couple of places that I have sent to work for print, and I am always amazed at the options and exciting possibilities of walking into a local print shop and talking to the printers themselves.

    I have found my local printers to be personally invested and interested in the products and projects I am working on.

My short post & thought for the day... buy local print local.... or at least try it, you might be surprised. If all else fails.... there is Moo.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kicking things into gear

The weather is getting warmer all the time, and spring is drawing close. That means Summer is also on it's way to Maine and art shows are inevitable.

That means its time to wrap my head around some jaw dropping ideas to fill spaces, galleries, and ways to find everyone who needs to see the new work for 2011.

I started off the season strong in the studio. Unfortunately the wood pile ran low, and heating the house took a priority over heating the studio.

I tackled painting and playing with an old enduro bike. I now have an air compressor and a sprayer... and a load of ideas to do some thing in a fine art studio never seen before...
It's going to be a good year!