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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

RPG and Fantasy greeting cards from original art

Fantasy and RPG Greeting Cards
By Lesser Gnome’s Art Goblin
Lloyd Metcalf
This Kickstarter which has nearly hit its base funding level right out of the gate has plenty of room to grow.
The goal of the project is to create, and make available two greeting card designs from original works of art by illustrator Lloyd Metcalf. Once funded the cards will be available at conventions wherever he goes, and hopefully will be available online.
Lloyd is working with the experienced Kickstarters of Lesser Gnome to plan logistics and resources to deliver on time.
 Work has already begun on an original 18x24 oil painting on canvas entitled, “The Druid Casts Entangle” specifically for this project. At $1200 funding level both card designs will be created from oil paintings. Stretch goals include a number of FREE 5x7 prints of digital work from the past. Don’t miss your opportunity to get in now while original art is still affordable and on its way to becoming rapidly collectible.  There are a number of game designers and publishers working with this artist now and over the past year printing his work everywhere.
Clients include: Lesser Gnome, Frog God Games, Luke Gygax and Jim Ward, Center Stage Miniatures, North Texas RPG con, and a number of private collectors.
Through this Kickstarter you can acquire an original oil painting, pen and ink art, and even commission a piece for yourself where the artist works directly with you to illustrate your personal RPG character or scene.

Get in NOW!! Kickstarter ends on March 5th, 2014