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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Nothing Beats a Box Set

Lesser Gnome entered the OSR RPG market with a product originally conceived as a module and quickly grew to the scale of a double ENnie nominated Old School Box Set. The Whisper & Venom box set blasted through all hopes, dreams and goals. It was a project only made possible by backers and OSR supporters.
Death & Taxes is starting out intended to be a box set not a module adventure. That goal and dream can only be exceeded by backers who support the feel of good solid metal minis, professional writing, and of course… Lloyd Metcalf Art.
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Midnight Oliviah Oil Painting

Midnight Oliviah Oil Painting

16" x 20" Oils on Canvas The only oil painting of the MM-03 Adventure Module "Midnight Oliviah" to be made.

The original painting has more rich
color and subtlety than can be shown here. Oliviah is the Tavern Owner
who needs some security help to pull off her midnight auction. You will
see the adventure at Gary Con and North Texas RPG Con this year. Not to
mention all the Kickstarter backers and online purchases of the mods.

Sold unframed and ready for your gaming room. She will need a week to completely dry the finish prior to shipping.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Fish Bone Tavern

The rowdy sailor tavern is owned and operated by Benwar Feldintersnuff. The tavern is build directly on the fish docks of Hohm. It is a bit swarthy, there may be some cobwebs in a couple of corners and some graffiti etched into a few tables and stool, but it is mostly clean, well loved and unforgettable. To say the interior decor is eclectic would be a gross misinterpretation of gaudy gnomish delights. The Feldintersnuff family are anything but drab, even if a few are sailors and fish mongers. The tavern exterior is often changing color and advertisements. The city of Hohm and local business ordinance has restricted Benwar only being allowed to change the exterior color of his tavern once per month. The counsel has also supplied the gnome with a list of accepted colors that can be applied. The ordinance also had to include a restriction to spots, stripes, and other patterns. The interior, however is open to Benwars whims.
The interior is a colorful and almost always changing. visitors should not expect the same decor with each visit. Even if those visits are only separated by breakfast and lunch. Many of the interior color designs are illusionary in nature. A few booths will adapt decor to the mood or spoken desire of the party sitting. The sailors and residents of the fish docks have come to embrace the festive brightspot on the pier known as "Fish Bone".
Benwar will frequently employ various mechanical toys, sculptures and inventions to entertain his guests. His most prized mechanical delight is a clockwork hula dancing elf maid that stands four feet tall in well lit corner. Behind her are painted various palm trees and a sunset view on a tropical beach. For a piece of copper, music plays and she swings her dancing hips for a short time. For a silver she does the same dance but encounters a 'wardrobe malfunction' of her coconut top. The sailors have come to consider it good fortune for their trip to put a silver to the elf maid and bless their own coconuts. This blessing is more told in the form of a joke or impolite comment to the maid. Captains have been known to hold their ships to port for extra hours simply to allow all hands to 'put the silver to the elf'. When departing, sailors will often call out, "It's time to put the silver to the elf!". Meaning that they are ready to depart and are hopeful for a safe prosperous journey.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Luck of the Fey Gold Coin

Lucky CoinLuck of the Fey

This magical coin effects venture slightly into the Meta-gaming realm.
The small coin is made of pure gold and usually has the likeness of a Half-Elven king on the face. No one who has ever held or used the coin can seem to recall if they recognize the king, or even too many details about the coin design. The reverse is almost always imprinted with an apple tree of some sort....
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

RPG hoard

I am going to try to be consistent in adding to an online RPG Hoard of items that come across my table and Mini Mods. As the list grows, I hope to hear how some of the items, NPC's and maps get used.

Entry #1...
The Ugly Stickhttp://www.lmetcalf.com/rpghoard/ugly-stick/